Houston Texans Head Coach discusses three eye-popping stats that prove Texans QB C.J. Stroud is the real deal for his plan…

Houston Texans’ rookie quarterback, C.J. Stroud, has swiftly garnered attention in the league, and for skeptics, three compelling statistics underscore his credibility.

Aerial Dominance: Following a Week 11 triumph (21-16) over the Arizona Cardinals where Stroud threw for 336 yards, he has achieved 300 or more passing yards in five games this season.

As of Week 12, Stroud, alongside Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagoviola, leads the NFL with five 300-yard passing games each. Notably, Stroud has surpassed 300 passing yards in three consecutive games, contributing to the Texans’ 3-0 record during this remarkable stretch.

Historic Winning Rate: Despite low expectations for the Texans in 2023, Stroud’s emergence has propelled them into playoff contention. CBS Sports notes that Stroud is only the second quarterback in the common draft era to secure a winning record in the first 10 starts, joining former Colts star Andrew Luck. The Texans, on a three-game winning streak and 6-4 overall, trail the AFC South-leading Jacksonville Jaguars by just one game.

Home Comfort: Stroud has found a comfortable home at NRG Stadium, accumulating 1,695 passing yards in five games, a record for a quarterback in NFL history through five home starts.

Stroud has guided the Texans to an impressive 4-1 record at home, showcasing consistency with 12 touchdowns and four interceptions. In these victories, Houston has outscored opponents 110-72.

Despite a challenging performance with two touchdowns and a career-high three interceptions in a recent game, Stroud remains resilient.

Quoting basketball star Steph Curry, he asserts, “Steph Curry don’t ever stop shooting, I’m gonna keep letting it ride.” Stroud’s unwavering confidence and impressive stats continue to solidify his position as a rising star for the Houston Texans.

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