“Don’t stop shooting” –Texans coach DeMeco Ryans made a remarkable comment on talented star and reveals why he has faith in his abilities…

CJ Stroud’s journey with the Houston Texans has been marked by a commendable start, contributing to the team’s 6-4 record. Despite a recent game where he threw for 337 yards and secured two touchdowns, he also encountered challenges, committing three turnovers with three interceptions, marking the first time in his rookie season.

Even amid setbacks, Stroud’s unwavering confidence shines through. Drawing inspiration from basketball star Steph Curry, he emphasized the importance of persistence, stating, “Man, Steph Curry, don’t ever stop shooting. I’m going to keep on throwing.” Despite acknowledging the need for improvement, Stroud remains resolute, expressing no loss of confidence and a determination to continue taking risks on the field.

Head coach DeMeco Ryans acknowledges the inevitable ups and downs of a young quarterback’s journey but highlights Stroud’s ability to move the team down the field. Ryans emphasizes the focus on positive aspects while coaching Stroud through the learning process, appreciating the rookie’s accountability and coachability.

As the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, Stroud’s performance has been notable, completing 73 percent of his passes for 336 yards and two touchdowns in a recent game. This marked his fifth instance of surpassing 300 passing yards in the last 10 games, showcasing consistent offensive prowess.

Looking ahead, Ryans is confident in Stroud’s dedication to improvement, noting the quarterback’s awareness of mistakes and commitment to rectifying them.

Despite challenges, Stroud’s promising rookie season remains characterized by resilience, talent, and a steadfast commitment to his role as the quarterback for the Houston Texans.

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