Opposing Quaretrbacks Bring Great Intrigue in Texans Final Eight Games as Insider drops fascinating remark om his performance…

The first ten weeks of the NFL season, nine games in total for the Houston Texans, has been an incredible ride. In the last two weeks alone, we’ve experienced more excitement in Houston than we have in the previous three seasons. Two heart pounding, last second wins have the city rocking right now. Future opponents are looking at the Texans on their schedule, and wondering “How do we stop C.J. Stroud?” That’s fun!

For us, in Houston, we look ahead to the final eight games as an opportunity that’s been foreign for the last three seasons. The Texans are back in the playoff hunt, so who are the quarterbacks the Texans will need to plow through ignorer to get to the postseason? The answers to that question a month ago are different now, and intriguingly so!

Let’s take a look at the final eight games, who the starting quarterback was (or appeared to be trending toward come their game against Houston), and who it appears to be now. Let’s go:

Week 11 vs Arizona

Apparent Starting QB a month ago: JOSHUA DOBBS

Apparent Starting QB NOW: KYLER MURRAY

Man, the saga of Joshua Dobbs is one fo the wildest stories of the season. He was discarded by the Cardinals at the trade deadline, cast off to Minnesota for a late round pick swap, and now he’s the toast of the Twin Cities after starting out 2-0 there. Murray was back on Sunday for the first time since his ACL tear last season, and led the Cards to win over Atlanta. His return certainly makes this Sunday more interesting.

Really nothing to see here. Lawrence has led the Jags to the top of the division, but they still aren’t a scary good team, like Kansas City or Baltimore at their peak. The only thing that changes the starting QB here is an injury in Week 11.


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