EFL EXpert explains why Marti Cifuentes must sort QPR player situation ASAP and outlines 3 players who need their futures secured ahead of 2024…

Queens Park Rangers, under new manager Marti Cifuentes, have struggled to find the back of the net, with only one goal in their recent games.

Midfielder Andre Dozzell, whose contract expires at the season’s end, has been a shining light in an otherwise dim attacking display. Dozzell’s creative prowess is evident in the 15 chances he has crafted this season, albeit resulting in just one assist.

Despite QPR’s offensive woes, Dozzell boasts an impressive dribble success rate of 83.3%, showcasing his individual skill on the ball. Having scored twice this campaign, he shares the title of the team’s second-highest scorer.

However, the fact that a defender leads the scoring chart underscores the team’s struggles in front of goal.

It is crucial for Cifuentes to secure a contract extension for Dozzell, given the player’s contribution and potential. While a new deal might not be imminent due to the team’s precarious league position, sitting five points adrift of safety, it remains imperative.

Relegation looms as a genuine threat, and losing Dozzell to a lower tier would be a significant blow.

The urgency to retain Dozzell is heightened by the positive impact his contract extension could have on team morale. Signing a key player often instills confidence, which can be pivotal for a struggling side seeking improvement. Since joining QPR in 2021, Dozzell has become a pivotal figure, showcasing his best form in the current season.

While the immediate future remains uncertain for QPR, committing to a new deal with Dozzell is a strategic move that not only addresses their current challenges but also reinforces a sense of stability within the squad.

 As negotiations unfold, the potential positive news of Dozzell’s contract extension could inject much-needed optimism into the club, potentially paving the way for improved results in the challenging matches ahead.

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