Vikings’ Danielle Hunter drops a ‘shocking’ comment as he is reportedly racking up sacks, but not penalties…

Danielle Hunter has played in 118 NFL games, including playoffs, sacked the quarterback 86½ times and has never once been penalized for roughing the passer or unnecessary roughness.

Think about that.

When that sinks in, think about a stat that’s even harder to believe about a game-wrecking edge rusher who’s trying to walk a fine line in a flag-happy league that makes no apologies for favoring the offensive side of the ball in general and quarterbacks in particular:

The NFL has never fined Hunter.

For anything. Ever.

“I try to play the right way,” Hunter said. “I try not to cost my team anything.”

Mission accomplished — and then some for the guy who’s tied for the league lead in sacks with 11.

Hunter has been in the NFL since 2015. A neck injury cost him the entire 2020 season. In the eight seasons he has played, he’s been penalized eight times for 52 yards.


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