Houston Texans boss makes a stunning comment as Free Agency Signings Paid Off Huge Sunday…

Perhaps the most striking thing to me about the Texans’ season altering 30-27 win over the Cincinnati Bengals was that the Texans didn’t need a ton of luck to defeat what was perceived as a superior opponent. The game, in fact, was way closer than it should have been. The Texans made numerous mistakes in that game, losing the turnover battle most notably, that spoon fed the Bengals a chance to remain close.

On the scoreboard, the Texans won a close, last second squeaker. In the box score (outgained the Bengals by 164 total yards) and with the eye test, the Texans were clearly the better football team, play to play, down for down.

The most impressive part of this whole thing is that this is not a star-laden team. Clearly, C.J. Stroud is already a star. After that, though, it’s a ton of ascending young players and non-household name veterans, some lunch pail workers. Many of the veterans are here on short term deals, and on Sunday, their contributions were on full display.

The following is the list of all the Sunday contributors, who signed here on one year deals this past spring. This is remarkable work by GM Nick Caserio and the personnel staff


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