Steve Bull sends a facinating message to talented dou as he maintained that the Wolves are on a roll and must continue this momentum…

Wolves have built some momentum under Gary O’Neil and are in a good place.

The team have faced some of the top teams in the country, teams playing in the Champions League, and we’re just as good as them.

We’re on a roll at the moment and have to keep it going. Keep making that gap bigger to the teams at the bottom.

At the same time, you can’t say Wolves should have a right to beat anyone and against the teams at the bottom, who are scrapping for their lives, they will be hard to play against.

Sheffield United are no mugs, they’re a decent side who are not getting the rub of the green.

If we can come away from that with three hard-fought points, I will be delighted.

Wolves cannot afford to be complacent and think they will easily win. If they keep the right intensity and keep the momentum, they are capable of winning. If we can take four more points before the international break, I’d be very happy with that.

Looking back at the Newcastle game, as a player you love evening games when it’s raining. The ball is skidding off the pitch, slide tackles are flying in and it creates a great atmosphere for the players and fans.

The fans might have got a bit wet in the downpour, but everyone loves that kind of night at Molineux.

Some will say a point was fair, but I struggle with that when we have the same officiating decisions week in, week out.

Every pundit, player and fan knows it isn’t right. It’s a disgrace.

We’ve had it three times this year now, with Manchester United, Luton and now against Newcastle, with blatant moments where the referee has got the decision wrong and they can’t hold their hands up.

It’s doing my head in and I think it’s doing the same to every single fan. Everyone can see that the referee and VAR has got it wrong.

Referees and VAR is so inconsistent and they have to do something soon, as it is affecting clubs and could have an impact on clubs going down.

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