Kevin Stefanski  explain  why It’s Time For Browns To Make Their Move With Deshaun Watson’s Return…

Kevin Stefanski  explain  why It’s Time For Browns To Make Their Move With Deshaun Watson’s Return…

Kevin Stefanski and the Browns have been able to scratch and claw their way to a 4-3 record and are still alive in the AFC North. Reports point to Deshaun being back and being healthy, the time is now for the Cleveland Browns.

Deshaun Watson has played three full games for the Cleveland Browns this year and even those three appearances have been up and down. Watson played well against the Bengals, horribly against the Steelers, great against the Titans and then the shoulder was injured.

From that point on it has been a weekly saga of trying to figure out what is truly wrong with Watson and how long will he be out. Thankfully, that seems to be in the past and now we can all focus on winning football games.

The sense of urgency from this team and these players is at an all-time high. Truly, the Browns have been good quarterback play away from being a 5-2 or 6-1 football team in total control of their destiny.

Inconsistency at the quarterback position has placed the Browns at a 4-3 record that very easily could be, and probably should be, a 2-5 or 3-4. But they are also a couple plays away from being 6-1.

At the halfway mark of this season, the Browns have grinded their way into the playoff picture and still have a chance to win the division. If they want to accomplish that goal, Watson needs to return to his form and do it quickly.

Myles Garrett met with the media on Friday and the first question that he got was on Watson’s return. He had this to say,

“It motivates us. He’s been a big motivator in the locker room on the field, even though he hasn’t been playing… seeing him on the field doing his thing, balling out, having fun, supporting the guys. It’s just another level.”

Everyone on the team is chomping at the bit to get him back. Watson’s return means that blitz packages get smaller for the offensive line, run defenses get lighter for the running backs, windows get larger for the wide receivers and tight ends, and there isn’t as much pressure on each player every play. It also means that the defense shouldn’t have to be perfect in order to win.

The goal for this week is pretty simple in my opinion. Get Deshaun back behind center, get him comfortable seeing the field, keep him protected and keep the ball out of harm’s way.

The Browns do not need him to be great on Sunday, but they will need that in the future. They need to use Sunday to knock any rust off and get him ready for the home stretch of the season.

This team has carried Deshaun Watson to this point. Now it is his time to return the favor.

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