Stoke City’s high rated summer signing explains his new role that ‘might look a bit strange’ to fans as he follows Alex Neil orders…

Michael Rose is enjoying his new, tweaked role at Stoke City as he laps up extra responsibility being placed in him by Alex Neil.

The summer signing has shifted to the left of central defence to partner Luke McNally following a nasty injury to Ben Wilmot – and also tasked Rose with doing a Larus Sigurdsson-style close-marking job on the opponents’ key men such as Leeds’ Joel Piroe.

It has helped Stoke secure three wins with just one goal conceded in their last three games and, if Rose’s mates are wondering why he’s not where they would normally expect at times, he is only following orders.

“It’s been a little bit different for me because I’ve had to go on the left side and the gaffer has given me a little bit of a different role,” he said. “For example, against Leeds, I had to drop in with Piroe and at times I was kind of in the middle of the pitch and following him about all over the place. It probably looked a little bit strange if you’re watching. I’ve had that sort of role where I have to go all the way but I’m, I’m comfortable doing it and it’s worked.

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