Jorge Soler and the Braves are being sued by a fan over an incredible incident…

In a rather peculiar turn of events, a lawsuit has emerged, involving Jorge Soler and the Atlanta Braves, filed by a fan who was struck in the face by a ball thrown into the stands during a 2021 incident.

The incident, which took place during Game 3 of the World Series, led to the filing of the lawsuit by Mayra Norris, the plaintiff, who suffered facial fractures and other injuries after being struck in the face by a ball thrown by Soler just prior to the fifth inning.

The lawsuit contends that Soler didn’t gently toss the ball into the stands for the crowd; instead, he threw it overhand with significant speed and force. The forceful throw resulted in the ball striking Ms. Norris directly in her right eye, causing extensive and excruciating injury.

This situation is regrettable for all parties involved. In a setting where everyone should be enjoying themselves, particularly during the World Series, nobody wishes to witness a severe injury. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there appears to be no intention on Soler’s part to cause harm, and fans are generally expected to remain vigilant at all times, especially in areas near the field where balls frequently enter the stands, either from foul balls or throws by players.

It seems that Soler’s actions were not unusual, and he may not bear responsibility for the incident. However, when financial matters come into play, some individuals may seek to claim a share of any potential compensation.

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