Vikings HC Kevin O’Connell issues worrying injury news as he claims the Vikings are still working through options at quarterback …

The Vikings know that Kirk Cousins won’t be playing quarterback for them again this season. They currently don’t know who will be.

Coach Kevin O’Connell met with reporters on Monday, and it was clear from his answers that the path forward remains very unclear.

On multiple occasions, O’Connell said that the Vikings are still working through their plan at quarterback, given that Cousins has suffered a torn Achilles tendon.

He said that he received positive feedback from offensive players regarding the manner in which fifth-round rookie Jaren Hall handled himself after replacing Cousins on Sunday, from calling plays in the huddle, to getting the offense lined up, to getting the snap. O’Connell still has not committed to Hall for Week 9 at the Falcons.

O’Connell also mentioned that Nick Mullens is eligible to return from injured reserve after the next game.

The Vikings seem to be brainstorming all options, and casting a wide net. O’Connell said the final decision could be a short-term arrangement, it could be a long-term situation, and it could be an “upgrade” over their otherwise available possibilities.

He definitely has no shortage of choices. “You wouldn’t believe some of the things I’ve received on my cell phone” O’Connell said of the communications since Cousins was injured. (Insert Brett Favre joke here.)

Whatever they do, the clock is ticking. In more ways than one. The trade deadline arrives tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET. And the Vikings face the Falcons in six days.


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