QPR boss Gareth Ainsworth makes ‘pressure and fear’ admission as he sends a bittered warning ahead of Leicester City clash…

QPR manager Gareth Ainsworth has acknowledged the potential for “pressure and fear” to affect his team as they prepare to face Leicester City. He recognizes that the team’s current league position, 23rd in the Championship with just eight points from 13 games, may lead to negative emotions among the players.

Ainsworth takes responsibility for alleviating this pressure and insists he wants his players to enjoy their football and make clear and rational decisions on the field. He aims to have them play without fear and give their best performance, particularly at Loftus Road where he believes they haven’t reached their full potential.

Ainsworth expressed hope that QPR could surprise everyone with their performance against Leicester, defying pundits’ expectations. He also noted that the stress experienced by the players may have contributed to certain moments in recent matches. Despite the pressure of their league position, he reassures the team that he will handle the external expectations, allowing the players to focus on their performance.

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