“Clarity” :Owls fans Pundit send a bittered request demanding answers from Dejphon Chansiri after the latest major Sheffield Wednesday blow…

Dejphon Chansiri, the owner of Sheffield Wednesday, is facing demands for transparency following the club’s registration embargo by the EFL due to late payment of debts owed to HMRC. Chansiri had previously released a statement expressing his unwillingness to provide “additional money” to the club, citing perceived unfair treatment from some of the club’s supporters. The meaning of “additional money” and its intended areas of allocation remain unclear.

Since that statement, Chansiri appointed German manager Danny Röhl and three coaches while parting ways with former boss Xisco and his coaching staff, likely incurring compensation fees. These recent developments have raised concerns about Chansiri’s commitment to funding Sheffield Wednesday, despite his claims of taking responsibility for the club’s management.

The club has not issued any statement to explain the situation, and it appears that no statement is forthcoming. The Star has formally requested an interview with Chansiri and submitted a list of written questions to clarify the embargo’s status, the reasons behind the late payment, and the club’s future management.

The Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust, in response to news of the embargo, also demanded clarity and expressed deep concern over the situation. They are in communication with the EFL to address the issue. The Trust calls on Chansiri to provide a clear plan to address the financial difficulties and avoid further distractions that hinder the team’s performance improvement. They urge all supporters’ groups and fans to unite in seeking transparency from the Chairman for the club’s future.

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