‘ultimately did not’ :Lyle Taylor wowed by what Forest star told him as he lifts lid on ‘difficult’ time after Nottingham Forest…

The 33-year-old striker had been training with Sheffield Wednesday in September, and he was even seen attending one of their matches. At the time, the former Owls manager, Xisco Munoz, had stated that a decision was pending regarding Taylor’s status, indicating that they needed to assess the situation and determine if he was the right fit.

However, with a change in management at Sheffield Wednesday, Taylor’s brief time with the club did not lead to a more substantial opportunity. In a recent interview with BirminghamLive, Taylor expressed the difficulties he is facing as he remains without a club.

He acknowledged the challenges of being a free agent and explained that, despite his age, he believes he can still score goals, highlighting his international duty as evidence of his goal-scoring ability. He expressed his readiness to seize any opportunities that come his way and mentioned that he has been involved in commentary and punditry for the past two years. Nevertheless, he remains in a challenging position, awaiting a new club to offer him an opportunity.

Nottingham Forest striker Lyle Taylor

Taylor left Nottingham Forest after a three-year tenure with the club. He initially joined Forest as a free agent in the summer of 2020 and spent the latter part of his last season on loan at Birmingham City after being excluded from Steve Cooper’s 25-man squad.

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