The 66-year-old high-profile referee slams on controversial decision in the Newcastle United v Crystal Palace incident as he explains why…

Dermot Gallagher, the former top referee who assesses controversial decisions in the Premier League for Sky Sports, has given his verdict on a key incident in the Newcastle United vs. Crystal Palace match. The incident in question involved Jacob Murphy’s goal, which was initially ruled offside by the on-field officials but later awarded by VAR.

Dermot Gallagher explained that VAR worked effectively in this instance. He highlighted that the process has improved, particularly since the Tottenham-Liverpool game, where the first consideration is the on-field decision. In this case, the on-field call was offside, but a closer examination showed that Murphy was onside, leading to the goal being given.

Gallagher also noted that after controversial incidents like the Diaz offside, the officials go back to basics and carefully review the situation. This process might take longer, as it aims to ensure accuracy and avoid mistakes.

Dermot Gallagher looks back on his time in black at the top of the game -  The Irish News

The article emphasizes the positive impact of VAR on the game, acknowledging that while the implementation of VAR in the Premier League needs improvements, it has significantly reduced key wrong decisions and instances of diving or cheating. Before VAR, many incorrect decisions were made in matches, but they often went unnoticed. Now, even a small number of key wrong decisions receive significant attention. The introduction of VAR has helped improve the accuracy and fairness of decisions, as demonstrated in the mentioned incident when Murphy’s goal was rightfully awarded, changing the course of the game.

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