Cardiff City’s boss, shared a four-word comment as he explained why he didn’t protest amid the disallowed goal against Blackburn Rovers…

Cardiff City manager Erol Bulut graciously acknowledged that the disallowed goal against Blackburn Rovers was the correct decision. The goal, scored by Dimitrios Goutas, was ruled out in the first half despite appearing to have nothing obviously wrong with it. As the Cardiff players celebrated, the referee blew for offside.

Karlan Grant was positioned in front of Leopold Wahlstedt when the ball went into the net, raising a debate about whether he was interfering with play. However, according to the letter of the law, it was a justifiable decision.

Bulut expressed confusion about the process that led to the goal being disallowed but accepted that, ultimately, the correct decision was reached.

In his words: “I spoke with the referees about that after the game. They said it was offside. But the linesman, if you watch, he didn’t put up the flag. For me, it was a clear goal, then after 30 seconds he puts the flag up, so after the game I watched it and it was offside. It was offside. In that moment, the linesman didn’t see it. They made the decision, but it was a little bit strange. But it was offside.”

Bulut post-LCFC | We have to finish our chances | Cardiff

Blackburn Rovers defender Dom Hyam acknowledged that his team “got away with one” due to the decision, which he considered soft but benefiting his side. He mentioned that he saw the linesman’s flag up and believed that someone obstructed the view of the goalkeeper.

The head coach of Blackburn Rovers, Jon Dahl Tomasson, didn’t express a strong opinion on the matter but pointed out that various marginal decisions have gone against his team this season.

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