“I’m just disappointed,” :Head Coach shares his disappointments as he discusses last week’s pyro incident and claims it’s So dangerous and frightening…

Paul Simpson, the manager, expressed his disappointment regarding the recent incident involving a firework during last week’s Orient game. The incident, which occurred during the first half, caused shock and distress to those in close proximity. Simpson emphasized how such actions undermine the positive efforts of many involved in improving the overall match day experience for supporters.

Simpson said, “I’m disheartened by this situation. We have dedicated individuals who invest their hard-earned money and time in maintaining Warwick Road End and the rest of the stadium.” He further highlighted an incident where a flag was torn down, questioning whether it was a personal vendetta against him. He found it disheartening that fans would resort to such actions.

He added, “It’s truly unfortunate that people claiming to be Carlisle United supporters would bring a firework or firecracker to the game. This not only costs the club financially but also jeopardizes people’s safety. I feel for those who contributed to purchasing the flag, even though it bears my name. Perhaps it’s because of our recent results that someone now holds a grudge against me.”

Simpson lamented the fact that despite numerous positive developments, there are a few individuals who can negatively impact the club’s reputation and finances. He expressed concern about the possibility of increased scrutiny due to a similar incident in the previous season against Orient.

He stated, “During the recent game, there was some banter between fans and the dugout, but our supporters generally behaved well. However, incidents like the one in Warwick, where a firework or firecracker was set off, are incredibly dangerous and put lives at risk, including the fans’ and the person responsible. Nobody deserves such endangerment, and the football club certainly shouldn’t have to face this kind of opposition. It’s truly regrettable.”

Simpson concluded by acknowledging that there might be limited actions that can be taken if some individuals choose to make irresponsible decisions.

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