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Trade Deadline Needs and Potential Moves

The NBA Draft often serves as a critical juncture for trades, with teams reassessing their standings and preparing for free agency and the upcoming season. The Toronto Raptors, armed with picks #19 and #31, are poised to be particularly active this year as they navigate their first full season of a re-tool.

Potential Trade Scenarios for the Raptors

The Raptors have several options: move up in the draft for a lottery-level talent, trade down to gather future assets, or stay put and evaluate the talent on their roster. Here are six trade scenarios the Raptors might consider:

1. Trade Up Options

Sacramento Receives: Bruce Brown + #19
Toronto Receives: Harrison Barnes + #13

In this scenario, the Raptors use Bruce Brown’s expiring salary to move up to the 13th pick and take on Harrison Barnes’ longer-term contract. This trade helps Sacramento gain cap flexibility while Toronto secures a higher draft pick and a veteran presence in Barnes.

Chicago Receives: Bruce Brown + #19 + #31
Toronto Receives: Lonzo Ball + #11

Here, the Raptors take a gamble on Lonzo Ball, who has missed the last two seasons due to injury. In return, Chicago gets Bruce Brown and two draft picks, aiding their rebuilding efforts.

Utah Receives: Bruce Brown + #19
Toronto Receives: John Collins + #10

The Raptors move up to the 10th pick and take on John Collins’ substantial contract. While the Jazz aren’t in a rush to offload Collins, this trade could be appealing if Utah seeks future assets.

2. Trade Down Options

New York Receives: Bruce Brown + #19
Toronto Receives: Bojan Bogdanovic + #24 + #25

The Raptors move down in the draft to secure two picks in a “flat” draft while New York gains Bruce Brown and eases future cap concerns. Toronto also gains flexibility with Bogdanovic’s contract.

Los Angeles Lakers Receive: #31
Toronto Receives: Max Christie + #55

This straightforward trade allows the Lakers to draft Bronny James, while the Raptors acquire Max Christie and a late second-round pick.

3. Take a Swing

Toronto Receives: Collin Sexton + #29 + #32
Utah Receives: Bruce Brown + #19 + #31

The Raptors bet on Collin Sexton, who offers scoring and playmaking off the bench. Toronto still ends up with two picks, while Utah gets two top-20 picks and moves up in the second round.

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