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Three Players the Mets Shouldn’t Trade…For Now

As the New York Mets linger in fourth place in the National League East, they have become a major focus in trade deadline discussions. In 2023, the Mets traded two veteran aces for prospects while holding onto key players like Pete Alonso. This year, they are expected to be sellers again, but there are a few players they shouldn’t trade, at least for now.

Three Players the Mets Shouldn’t Trade Right Away

Luis Severino

Despite being well below .500 a third into the season, the Mets are just a few games out of a wild card spot. Luis Severino has emerged as a key player with a 3.25 ERA and the ability to eat innings. After a rough 2023, Severino has arguably become the Mets’ ace in 2024. While many teams are interested in him, and he is a realistic trade candidate on a one-year deal, his stability is crucial for the Mets’ wild card hopes.

Currently, the Mets don’t need to sell. A simple win streak could put them back in the wild card hunt. Additionally, keeping Severino increases the chances of re-signing him next season, showing loyalty to a player they gave a second chance.

Francisco Lindor

Francisco Lindor signed an 11-year deal in 2021, positioning him as the Mets’ shortstop for a decade. The Mets aim to secure as many stars and All-Stars as possible, and Lindor fits this vision. Although trading the three-time Silver Slugger would bring a significant return, teams might shy away from his large contract with many years and dollars remaining. Thus, it’s best for the Mets to hold onto Lindor for now.

Pete Alonso

Pete Alonso is perhaps the most sought-after player on the market, with much speculation about where he might end up if traded. However, if the Mets aim to compete for the wild card, trading him is off the table. While Alonso’s current performance isn’t as hot as last year’s deadline, his offense remains valuable. Yet, many teams might not be willing to offer a large return.

The New York Yankees, dealing with Anthony Rizzo’s struggles, could be interested in Alonso. However, unless a team is desperate for a playoff push, no one is likely to offer the Mets a significant haul for Alonso. If Alonso improves, the trade interest might rise, but if he does better, the Mets would likely improve too, making it less likely they’d trade him.

Although the Mets will be the subject of frequent trade rumors, they should exercise patience and refrain from certain trades for now, as long as they remain in the wild card race.

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