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In recent years, the Minnesota Twins’ front office has leveraged their prospect depth to make several significant trades. Here’s an analysis of the team’s top 20 prospects and how they might be utilized before the 2024 trade deadline.

Many organizations rely on a deep prospect pool to strengthen their major league roster and sustain a winning window. The Twins have previously traded top prospects for players like Sonny Gray, Tyler Mahle, and Jorge López. Some of these trades have been successful, while others have not. Below is a tiered ranking of the Twins’ top 20 prospects, with Austin Martin and Simeon Woods Richardson excluded as they are expected to graduate from prospect lists soon. The team’s top prospects are divided into five tiers.

Tier 1: The Untouchables

Walker Jenkins, Brooks Lee

The Twins are unlikely to trade either of these players. Both are among the top prospects in baseball. Jenkins has the potential to become a franchise player for the Twins for many years. Lee, while not possessing as high a ceiling as Jenkins, is close to making an impact at the major league level. The Twins may need Lee in the second half of the season, and he would have likely been called up already if not for an early-season injury.

Tier 2: Available Only in Blockbusters

Emmanuel Rodríguez, David Festa, Charlee Soto

These prospects would only be included in a trade if the Twins acquire a significant player with multiple years of team control or someone who can notably enhance their playoff chances this fall. Rodríguez, despite missing time at Double-A this year, remains a five-tool talent. Festa is already at Triple-A and appears ready for the majors, likely starting games for the Twins in the second half. Soto, a high-school pitcher, is a rare type for this front office, usually wary of the volatility of such prospects. He would only be traded for a controllable starting pitcher, similar to the Chase Petty-for-Sonny Gray deal.

Tier 3: Rising Stock and Trade Bait

Luke Keaschall, Brandon Winokur, Zebby Matthews

Players in this tier are the most likely to be traded. Their stock has risen this season, making them attractive to other organizations. The Twins have previously traded similar prospects, like Spencer Steer, Christian Encarnacion-Strand, and Cade Povich, in deals for Mahle and López. Given past experiences, the front office might reconsider trading from this group.

Tier 4: Dropping Stock

Gabriel González, Marco Raya, Tanner Schobel, Cory Lewis, Connor Prielipp

These players have seen their stock dip in 2024, meaning the Twins might value them more than other teams. González, acquired in the Jorge Polanco deal, has been limited by a back strain. Raya has been cautiously handled, not pitching more than 60 pitches per outing, casting doubt on his potential as a major league starter. Schobel, who excelled in High-A, has struggled after moving to Double-A. Lewis started the year on the IL with a shoulder issue but may attract interest once healthy. Prielipp has had a career marred by injuries, making him unlikely to be included in any significant trade.

Tier 5: Supplemental Players to Sweeten a Deal

Danny De Andrade, Yunior Severino, C.J. Culpepper, Ricardo Olivar

These prospects, near the bottom of the top 20 list, can enhance the value of a trade package. De Andrade has been dealing with an ankle injury. Severino, added to the 40-man roster this winter, has struggled this season with a low OPS. Culpepper, who had a breakout season last year, is on the IL with a forearm strain but has shown an uptick in strikeout rate. Olivar, hitting well with Cedar Rapids, is an intriguing trade target due to his power and ability to play catcher.

The Twins’ farm system is roughly average compared to other organizations, with less high-quality depth. Nevertheless, if they position themselves as buyers this summer, they have enough prospect capital to acquire players that can aid in a playoff run.

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