Breaking: Pirates Manager Shelton Admits He’s hopeful that it’s a turning point for Tellez…

Breaking: Pirates Head Coach Shelton Optimistic About Tellez’s Turning Point.

Henry Davis reviewed the first-inning foul tip that was called a passed ball, costing the Pittsburgh Pirates a run in their extra-innin to the Minnesota Twins on Sunday. Despite the call, Davis showed understanding towards home plate umpire Ryan Wills and chief Chad Fairchild’s crew, noting the difficulty of the call due to his glove blocking Wills’ view.

“If you look at the video replay, my glove is fully in front of the ball,” Davis said. “I’m about to catch it. Now he’s going to go off Jared throwing 100 mph: Was that sound, did it tip leather, or did it tip wood?”

The controversial call allowed Max Kepler to score from third, giving the Twins a 3-0 lead. Davis emphasized that the Pirates are “better than one call” but voiced frustration with the MLB rule that the play isn’t reviewable.

“It could have been overturned,” Davis said. “I think the frustrating part is we can get that right. … They’re human beings, right? Every night, they’re doing their best on every call. But if we have the ability to get it right – I would expect that to happen.”

Taking Responsibility:

Two young Pirates players, Jared Jones and Henry Davis, took responsibility for their roles in the loss. Jones admitted that everything was off in his five-inning performance, while Davis criticized his own pitch calling in the first inning.

“I thought I called a terrible first inning,” Davis said. “Whether I wasn’t adjusting quick enough or there were just … I really just thought I called a poor game in that first inning. Afterwards, he responded and threw well, but it wasn’t on him. Poor on my end.”

Heller’s Struggles:

Pirates reliever Ben Heller faced a rough start to his career with the team, allowing multiple runs in consecutive outings. Heller acknowledged his struggles but remained determined to improve. “You don’t get to play this game until you’re 32 as a right-handed relief pitcher unless you’re pretty good,” he said.

General manager Ben Cherington explained that Heller’s promotion was necessary due to an opt-out clause in his contract, with another team showing interest in signing him.

Rowdy Tellez’s Resurgence

First baseman Rowdy Tellez became a highlight of the weekend after hitting a home run and driving in key runs, turning around a tough start to the season. Tellez had been struggling and facing boos from fans, but their support turned around quickly after his recent performance.


“I feel honored. It’s kind of emotional to feel that support,” Tellez said. “I’ve been trying to be the best teammate I can be despite the struggles.”

Coach Derek Shelton noted the shift in fan support and hoped it signaled a turning point for Tellez. “Rowdy has been a professional despite his struggles, and seeing the fans rally behind him was great,” Shelton said.

Upcoming Challenges

Despite a disappointing end to their homestand, the Pirates managed series wins against playoff contenders like the Dodgers and Twins. They remain optimistic as they head into series against the Cardinals and Rockies, looking to climb in the standings and contend for a wild-card spot.

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