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Speculation is mounting about the Boston Bruins possibly trading goalie Linus Ullmark this offseason. While the exact return for the Bruins remains unknown, the move is expected to significantly affect both the Bruins and the NHL.

Trading Ullmark might seem unlikely given his recent Vezina Trophy win and his key role in the Bruins’ historic regular season. However, with Jeremy Swayman’s emergence, the Bruins are now considering trading Ullmark as he enters the final year of his contract.

Such trades are rare in the salary cap era, with only two recent instances of Vezina finalists being traded. One example is Ben Bishop, traded by the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Los Angeles Kings during the 2016-17 season. With one year left on his contract and Andrei Vasilevskiy on the rise, Tampa traded Bishop for Peter Budaj, Erik Cernak, and a seventh-round draft pick. This deal was highly beneficial for the Lightning, as Cernak became integral to their Stanley Cup wins in 2020 and 2021, and Vasilevskiy has remained a top goalie.

In contrast, Bishop’s time with the Kings was short, lasting just 72 days. He played only seven games for Los Angeles before being traded to Dallas, where he signed a six-year, $29.5 million contract. The Kings received just a fourth-round pick in return.

Another example is Marc-André Fleury, traded by the Vegas Golden Knights to the Chicago Blackhawks shortly before winning the Vezina in 2021. Despite Fleury being the face of the Golden Knights franchise, Vegas needed to free up $7 million in cap space. In return, they received defense prospect Mikael Hakkarainen, who never made it to the NHL and has since retired.

Ullmark Trade Will Have Historic Implications On Bruins And Rest Of NHL

Boston’s situation with Ullmark is different because there is no immediate pressure to trade him. While the Bruins are inclined to move Ullmark, they have time, as he still has a year left on his contract and has a good relationship with Swayman. These factors should increase Ullmark’s trade value, allowing the Bruins to consider the best offers.

In summary, while the Bruins don’t need to rush a decision, Ullmark’s potential trade could set a precedent in the NHL, showing the true market value of a former Vezina finalist.

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