Trending: Nuggets Finally Complete Trade For High-Rated Star Kyle Filipowski…

Could Duke center Kyle Filipowski be the solution to the Denver Nuggets’ minutes without Nikola Jokic? The team explores a scouting report on the projected first-round pick and discusses his potential fit in Denver. Evaluating Filipowski as a prospect, the conversation highlights his strengths and how he might enhance the Nuggets’ rotation.

Additionally, the NBA’s upcoming media rights deal, potentially excluding TNT and “Inside the NBA,” marks a significant shift. The implications of this changing media landscape for the league are also examined.

Moreover, an unexpected development is Kyrie Irving’s dad securing a shoe deal.

Adam Mares, Harrison Wind, and D-Line Co. join Colin Deaver to cover these topics in depth on the latest edition of the DNVR Nuggets Podcast.

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