Breaking: Carlos Alcaraz Reveals His Major Fears Amid Facing Jannik Sinner in French Open…

“I don’t feel like a favorite, I will be more nervous than usual” – Carlos Alcaraz makes honest admission about facing Jannik Sinner in French Open SF…

Carlos Alcaraz expressed his candid feelings ahead of his French Open semifinal clash with Jannik Sinner, admitting that he doesn’t feel like the favorite and anticipates being more nervous than usual.

Alcaraz, known for his remarkable performances and rising star status in the tennis world, acknowledges the challenge posed by Sinner, a formidable opponent.

This admission highlights the respect and seriousness with which Alcaraz approaches the match, aware of the high stakes and competitive spirit of the Grand Slam tournament.

His honesty about his nerves reveals the human side of athletes, even those at the top of their game, as they prepare for significant and high-pressure encounters.

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