Breaking: NFL Analyst Shared Harsh Criticism Of Deshaun Watson After a Critical Incident…

When the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland front office hoped to see the player justify his $45 million per year salary following a nearly two-year hiatus in 2022. However, Watson’s initial performance was underwhelming, ending the season with a 3-3 record, seven touchdowns, and five interceptions.

Injuries hampered his 2023 season, though he did show occasional flashes of his former skill. Over the past three seasons, Watson has only played 12 games, leading to criticism from NFL analyst Chris Simms.

On his “Chris Simms Unbuttoned” podcast, Simms remarked, “He is nowhere close to the old Deshaun Watson that we saw in Houston; in fact, it was a disappointing year when I go back and watch it.”

Simms ranked Watson as the 24th-best quarterback heading into the 2024 season, marking a significant drop from the previous year. Despite acknowledging Watson’s physical abilities, such as his strong arm and mobility, Simms noted that Watson no longer consistently demonstrates the dynamic plays that once made him worth his high contract.

Simms emphasized that for Watson to regain his standing, he needs to string together several quality performances this season to re-establish himself as a leader in the locker room. On a positive note, Simms did praise the quarterback’s strong throwing motion observed in recent OTA sessions following his surgery.

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