GOOD NEWS: Ohio State Confirm Major Boost Amid Talks To Land Another Sensational Star…

Ohio State might not have to look far for a second tight end in the 2025 class. An additional in-state tight end could be the most sensible option.

Ohio State’s offense under Ryan Day has thrived due to the exceptional talent on that side of the ball. While the quarterback position is crucial, every offensive position plays a significant role in optimizing the unit’s performance. The Buckeyes excel when they can utilize diverse personnel, and the tight end position is pivotal in achieving this versatility.

Position coach Keenan Bailey, despite being in charge for less than two years, has already made a substantial impact. With Cade Stover as the main weapon at tight end over the past few seasons, the Buckeyes have experienced some inconsistency at the position. Bailey’s recruiting prowess made him an excellent choice for the promotion.

In 2024, Ohio State secured two tight ends, and they currently have one for the 2025 class—Nate Roberts from Oklahoma. This positions the Buckeyes comfortably, especially considering the relative youth and inexperience in the group.

Given the potential for a larger 2025 class of up to 25-27 players, Ohio State might consider adding another tight end to enhance depth, recognizing the importance of this position in their offensive scheme for both running and passing plays.

Evaluating In-State Prospects

With Roberts already committed, Ohio State has its top national tight end target for the 2025 class. While continuous efforts are needed to ensure he remains in the class, Bailey’s recruiting success allows the staff to focus on future prospects.

One such prospect is Grant Houser, who could be a valuable addition if Ohio State decides to bring in another tight end. Currently committed to Louisville, Houser is a 6-foot-5, 230-pound athlete from Wapakoneta, Ohio. He showcased his impressive size and skills last summer at a Michigan State camp, fitting the mold of an in-line blocking tight end who can also run routes.

Houser’s offer list includes several MAC schools such as Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, and Miami Ohio, as well as larger programs like Indiana. His commitment to Louisville made sense given these offers, but Ohio State’s interest could potentially sway him.


If Ohio State extends an invitation to camp this summer, Houser might consider it, knowing the importance of the tight end position in the Buckeyes’ offense. A year can make a significant difference in recruitment, both physically and athletically, making a second look at Houser a logical move for enhancing the depth of a critical position.

Overall, Grant Houser presents a viable option for Ohio State to further strengthen their tight end room, contributing to the offense’s versatility and effectiveness.

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