Breaking: Just In LSU Football Finally Land Another Sensational Defensive Tackle In…

The LSU Football team has been active in the Spring Transfer portal, addressing critical needs at both defensive tackle and punter. While the focus was primarily on bolstering the defensive line, the team also identified a pressing need for a more consistent punter.

Peyton Todd was slated to be the team’s punter for the upcoming season. However, inconsistencies in his performance, particularly noted during the Spring Game, raised concerns for Head Coach Brian Kelly.

“Not as consistent as I would like,” Kelly remarked about Todd’s performance. “I thought today was an opportunity for him to just say ‘There is no competition here,’ and he’s got to be more consistent, quite frankly.”

To address this issue, LSU Football has brought in Louisiana Tech punter Blake Ochsendorf. In 2023, Ochsendorf punted 53 times for 2,423 yards, averaging 45.7 yards per punt, with a season-long of 70 yards. His impressive performance led Conference USA in punting average and ranked him among the top 20 punters nationally.

The addition of Ochsendorf sets up an open competition this Spring between him and Peyton Todd. This competition aims to either elevate Todd’s performance to meet the team’s expectations or provide a more reliable option in Ochsendorf.

Smart Use of Scholarships

By securing Ochsendorf, LSU Football has strategically used its available scholarships to address potential issues for the 2024-25 season. Although the team did not acquire as many defensive players as initially hoped, the remaining scholarships allowed them to bring in a crucial position player. This move ensures that the punter position is solidified through healthy competition, rather than leaving it to chance, demonstrating a proactive approach in team management.

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