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The Trade Route for the Mariners to Capitalize on This Year is Clear

It’s ‘exactly the right time’ for the Mariners to go all-in on trades.

MLB Network insider Jon Morosi is adamant about the opportunity the Seattle Mariners have this season. “There is probably no clearer textbook case of when to go for it than right now if you’re the Mariners,” Morosi stated during his Thursday conversation on Seattle Sports’ Wyman and Bob.

Mariners’ Current Standing

The Mariners, holding a 28-26 record, are in first place in the American League West. They lead the defending World Series champion Texas Rangers and the consistently competitive Houston Astros by at least three games, both teams having had poor starts. Seattle’s strong position is primarily due to their stellar pitching staff, which has kept them above .500 despite a struggling offense and recent bullpen issues.

Given their strengths (starting rotation), areas for improvement (offense and bullpen), and a clear path to the playoffs, a significant trade deadline move seems imminent for Seattle.

Morosi’s Analysis

“I would say as I look around the landscape in MLB, there are very, very, very few teams who in my estimation should be more all-in at the 2024 trade deadline than the Seattle Mariners,” Morosi emphasized. He highlighted the competitive situation in the division, pointing out that the Rangers and Astros are underperforming, the Angels are perpetually rebuilding, and the A’s are not a significant threat. “It’s all there in front of you. It’s all right there,” Morosi said.

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Farm System Advantage

Another key factor in the Mariners’ favor is their robust farm system, loaded with young, talented bats that aren’t yet ready for the majors. Morosi suggested that this depth allows the Mariners to target players who can make an immediate impact and contribute long-term, rather than just rentals. “When your farm system is at least decent, which the Mariners’ is, you should be able to play on some players that are not just rentals but actually guys that can upgrade and improve your team for a long time to come,” he explained.

Morosi concluded that this is the perfect moment for the Mariners to make a bold move. “You barely missed the playoffs last year, you had a taste of it a couple of years ago, your rotation is excellent and young and relatively healthy, knock on wood. You do not need anything clearer than this to go for it. And for me, it’s exactly the right time.”

Morosi also discussed potential trade targets and teams that could be a good fit for the Mariners. For more details, you can listen to the full conversation on the Wyman and Bob podcast available on Seattle Sports 710 AM, the Seattle Sports app, and Morosi joins Wyman and Bob weekly, typically at 5 p.m. on Thursdays.

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