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10 Most Heartbreaking Texas Football Transfer Portal Departures of All Time.

Since the college football transfer portal’s inception in 2018, the Texas Longhorns have not been immune to its impact. Over the past six years, the Longhorns have seen 101 players depart via the portal, a reflection of the program’s instability due to frequent changes in head coaching.

Here are the ten most heartbreaking departures for Texas fans:

2019 Transfer Portal – 10 Departures

Bru McCoy – Five-Star WR – to USC
Bru McCoy’s transfer to USC was a significant blow. As a highly-touted five-star wide receiver, McCoy was expected to make a substantial impact at Texas. His departure left a noticeable void in the receiving corps.

Cameron Rising – Three-Star QB – to Utah
Cameron Rising, a promising three-star quarterback, transferred to Utah. His potential was evident, and his move to another program was a tough loss for Texas, which has struggled with quarterback consistency in recent years.

Sep 2, 2023; Austin, Texas, USA; Texas Longhorns wide receiver Isaiah Neyor (9) reacts after

Other Notable Departures

While the departures of McCoy and Rising stand out, the Longhorns have experienced numerous other significant losses. Each player left a mark on the program, making their exits felt deeply by fans and the team alike.

The revolving door of head coaches has contributed to this trend, with players seeking stability and new opportunities elsewhere. The Longhorns’ fanbase has had to endure the departure of many talented athletes, each leaving a lasting impact on the program.

These ten departures highlight the ongoing challenges and heartbreaks faced by the Texas Longhorns in the era of the transfer portal. As the team looks ahead to the 2024 season under Steve Sarkisian, they hope to find stability and retain their top talent.

The impact of the transfer portal continues to shape college football, and the Texas Longhorns are a prime example of how these changes affect programs and their dedicated fanbases.

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