Trending Updates: The Flyers’ GM Confirm Big Decision to Lure Sam Reinhart out of Florida to Wells Fargo Center…

Flyers Make Bold Move to Attract Sam Reinhart to Wells Fargo Center!

If the Flyers aim to bring Sam Reinhart from Florida, they need to be ready to take a significant financial gamble.

Investing in a top-tier free agent is always a risk. Sometimes it pays off, as it did for the Phillies with Bryce Harper. Other times, it can backfire, as Flyers fans recall with Ilya Bryzgalov. The risk can stem from overpaying for players who don’t deliver, such as Kevin Hayes or an aging Vincent Lecavalier.

However, Sam Reinhart is a calculated risk. Injuries are always a possibility, as seen with Ryan Ellis, but Reinhart is a major talent who addresses a crucial need for the Flyers. His presence could transform the team and potentially lead to a Stanley Cup parade down Broad Street.

Reinhart scored 57 goals this season, second only to Auston Matthews. He netted 23 power-play goals, while the Flyers as a team managed just 31. His 37 assists would have led the Flyers by a wide margin. Reinhart has proven his worth by leading the Panthers to playoff victories over the Boston Bruins and carrying his team when needed. He is the game-changer the Flyers need.

This performance is not a one-off. Reinhart has consistently scored 20+ goals in every season except one since becoming a full-time player, including during the COVID-19 shortened seasons. Since being traded to Florida, he has scored no fewer than 31 goals each season, thriving in their high-powered offense.

The Flyers Should Pursue Sam Reinhart

Imagine Reinhart playing alongside Travis Konecny, Owen Tippett, Matvei Michkov, or Joel Farabee. This could herald a new era for the Flyers at the Wells Fargo Center.

The Cost of Acquiring Reinhart

Currently earning $6.5 million with his signing bonus, Reinhart is one of Florida’s top players. The Panthers will undoubtedly try to retain him, especially if they win the Stanley Cup.

Every team can use a top-line center like Reinhart. Teams like the Bruins would likely make cap space to acquire him. Reinhart’s potential salary could be in the range of the NHL’s highest earners, such as Auston Matthews ($13.25 million) and Nathan MacKinnon ($12.6 million). While the Panthers and Reinhart have discussed an extension, rumors suggest it wouldn’t exceed the $10 million salaries of Aaron Ekblad and Sergei Bobrovsky.

For the Flyers to bring Reinhart to Philly, they might need to offer at least $10 million. This would require shedding some salary, potentially starting with Morgan Frost and Rasmus Ristolainen. With limited buyout options, they might also have to consider parting with Travis Konecny next year.

Is Reinhart Worth the Investment?

Absolutely. Reinhart could significantly impact the Flyers, potentially turning the team around with his scoring ability. This acquisition would be on par with bringing in an Eric Lindros-level talent. Sometimes, taking a bold risk is necessary to achieve greatness. Without taking a chance now and then, success is never guaranteed.

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