Seahawks Latest Updates: Just In Geno Smith Sends A ‘Classy’ Message To New New Offensive Coordinator Ryan Grubb…

Geno Smith and the Seahawks are adapting to a new offense this offseason, and Seattle’s veteran quarterback is optimistic about the changes.

Entering his 12th NFL season, Geno Smith is learning a new system following a coaching change for the Seahawks. While the scheme and terminology will differ, Smith, a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback, views this transition as a manageable challenge. Having navigated various coaching and offensive coordinator changes throughout his career with the Jets, Giants, Chargers, and Seahawks, Smith is well-prepared for the adjustments required this offseason.

“Just more learning, a little bit more studying,” Smith remarked after an organized team activities session on Wednesday. “Obviously a new system, a new coordinator, new everything. We’re changing the guard here. So for me, I’m studying and getting with the guys. A lot of extra meetings with the receivers, running backs, O-line, talking through some things, making sure that we’re prepared when we get out here for practice. So far it’s been good.”

Reflecting on how his career has equipped him for this adjustment, Smith mentioned that his extensive experience with different schemes and verbiage makes the transition smoother, even if it demands extra effort.

“I would say it’s a lot easier,” Smith explained. “When I first got into the league, all the words meant nothing to me. Now, 12 years in, a lot of these plays I’ve run before. A lot of the ways we execute I’ve been around; it’s just different language. So it’s a matter of just learning the terminology and then obviously being able to recite it back to the guys in the huddle and go out there and make the plays. It’s a lot easier for me now that I’ve been in the league a little bit. It’s still a matter of studying, and I really take that seriously.”

Despite the ongoing installation of their new offense and defense, Smith is impressed with what he has seen from new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb’s system. He watched a similar offense excel at the University of Washington under Grubb’s guidance, with Michael Penix Jr. leading the Huskies to a 25-3 record over two seasons, including a National Championship game appearance last season.

“Very impressed, man,” Smith said of Grubb’s offense. “Obviously from the stuff he’s done in college, he has a great track record. And then just being a part of the system, being able to learn from him, the type of guy that he is, the type of man that he is, the type of coach that he is. I think there are going to be great things coming for us. Coach Grubb is doing a great job being demanding, making sure guys are studying and on point and knowing their assignments, but also giving guys some grace. It is a new system, new offense, and guys are going to mess some things up. That’s not necessarily a terrible thing. We can gain from that. So Grubb is doing a great job. It’s our job to make the plays come alive and make it all look good.”


Smith is encouraged by the early progress in learning Grubb’s scheme. He believes the offense, which emphasizes spreading the ball and trusting quarterbacks to make smart decisions, aligns well with his skills.

“I feel like I’m a drop-back passer and I feel like this is a drop-back offense, an offense that’s going to spread the ball around, trust the quarterbacks to make the right decisions. That’s pre- and post-snap. I think that’s something that I’m really good at. Just want to make sure I’m doing the right things when it comes to that.”

Seattle’s new head coach, Mike Macdonald, is also impressed with Smith’s performance in the new offense. Initially, Macdonald had limited firsthand experience with Smith, but after several weeks of offseason workouts, he has developed a strong appreciation for Smith’s work ethic and leadership.

“Highly competitive,” Macdonald said. “I love how Geno works. We are pushing him to take the next step as a football player and as a leader, and he’s answering the call. I’m really excited about Geno up to this point. I have such a respect for how hard this man works at his craft.”

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