SAD UPDATES: Former Duke Star Jeremy Roach In Tears as He Faces Terrible Nightmare Ahead Of The 2024 NBA Draft…

Former Duke guard Jeremy Roach has withdrawn from the NBA Draft process and will now complete his final year of college basketball at Baylor under coach Scott Drew.

Roach will be joined by former Miami big man Norchad Omier, who has also transferred to Baylor and withdrawn from the draft. This pair of additions significantly boosts Baylor’s roster. Omier, despite standing only 6-7, is a highly productive player known for his powerful 250-pound frame. Duke fans are well-acquainted with Roach’s skills on the court.

While Duke fans might hope to avoid facing Baylor next year, both teams are shaping up to be Final Four contenders in 2025, making a future matchup quite possible.

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