Buckeye Breakfast: Ryan Day Goes Viral With National Praise Over C.J Stroud’s Fascinating Comment…

Buckeye Breakfast: Ryan Day Garners National Praise for Developing C.J. Stroud!

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio State coach Ryan Day received national acclaim on Tuesday for his exceptional work in developing quarterbacks, particularly C.J. Stroud.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky was asked about the insights that can be gleaned from NFL OTA’s, specifically whether it’s possible to assess a quarterback’s potential early in their career. Orlovsky used this opportunity to commend Day and highlight the promising trajectory of Stroud, who is set to enter his second year in the NFL.

Orlovsky’s praise underscores the significant impact Ryan Day has had on shaping Stroud’s skills, preparing him not just for college success but for a smooth transition to the professional level. This recognition reflects well on Ohio State’s program and Day’s reputation as a top-tier quarterback mentor.


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