Breaking News: HC Breaks Silence Why Seahawks’ New Defense Will Look Like ‘A Blur’…


Breaking News: Huard Analyzes Why Seahawks’ New Defense Will Be ‘A Blur’!

This fall, when the Seattle Seahawks take the field, fans can expect to see a revolutionary defensive scheme under the leadership of new head coach and defensive strategist, Mike Macdonald.

What Sets New Seahawks Coach Mike Macdonald Apart? An Analyst Explains

At just 36, Macdonald has already achieved remarkable success. As the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens, he led a historic defense in 2023 that topped the NFL in points allowed per game, sacks, and takeaways. Before that, he served as the defensive coordinator at the University of Michigan in 2021, laying the groundwork for a defense that helped the Wolverines clinch the national championship in 2023.

So, what will Macdonald’s defense look like for the Seahawks? Former NFL quarterback Brock Huard shared his insights on Seattle Sports’ Brock and Salk show.

“Just a blur,” Huard said, also a FOX football analyst. “A blur. It looks like Michigan. You have to see this scheme. Ask Michael Penix, the former UW Huskies quarterback, what it was like trying to attack that scheme. It could adapt and morph week to week.”

Macdonald’s Versatile and Adaptable Scheme

Ted Nguyen of The Athletic recently highlighted the unique aspects of Macdonald’s scheme, emphasizing its positional versatility and interchangeability. This flexibility allows Macdonald to constantly vary his fronts and pressures, leaving opposing offenses guessing about where the pressure will come from. He can tailor his defensive approach to each opponent’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

“Week to week, we’ll see a different defensive attack,” Huard noted. “It won’t be the same scheme or attack each week. Opposing quarterbacks and teams will struggle to prepare for this Seahawks defense.”

Huard added, “The Seahawks have the personnel on their D-line and in their secondary to neutralize the strengths of their opponents, forcing them to adapt. That’s the beauty of this scheme, and it’s what I’m most excited to watch this season.”

Enhanced Communication and Organization

Huard is also optimistic about the potential for improved communication and organization within Macdonald’s defense.

According to Nguyen, Macdonald’s scheme doesn’t rely on numerous different defensive fronts. Instead, it uses a limited number of fronts to execute a wide variety of pressures, creating what Huard and others describe as an “illusion of complexity.”

“It’s simple for the defense to remember,” co-host Mike Salk said. “But it’s complicated for the offense to figure out.”

Nguyen explained that Macdonald organizes his blitzes uniquely. While most teams attach pressures to specific defensive fronts, Macdonald ties his pressures to patterns. This approach ensures players understand the entire pressure pattern rather than just their individual roles, allowing them to switch positions and apply pressure from various spots on the field.

New Seattle coach Mike Macdonald takes it all in during first day of  Seahawks rookie minicamp | Sports |

“Mike Macdonald’s system requires everyone to understand their role,” Huard said. “He teaches the defense at every level to understand what everyone is doing, involving everyone in the process. This is why defensive end Dre’Mont Jones is training to drop back and cover, because in Macdonald’s system, any player might be asked to do that.”

Huard is hopeful this approach will resolve the communication issues that have plagued the Seahawks’ defense in recent years.

“We should never hear about communication issues again,” Huard said. “No more post-game comments about miscommunication from players like Tre Flowers or Quandre Diggs. Everyone needs to learn every aspect of this scheme, and that’s what they’re doing now. Everyone seems committed and working hard at the VMAC.”


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