Trending Saints’ News: Saints HC Dennis Allen Reveal Positive Update On Marshon Lattimore’s Speculations…

The New Orleans Saints have been at the center of numerous trade rumors this NFL offseason, with one of the most prominent involving star cornerback Marshon Lattimore. Despite the speculation, it seems unlikely that Lattimore will be traded.

Lattimore has long been regarded as one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL, consistently performing as a lockdown defender and a playmaking asset for the Saints.

New Orleans Saints Reveal Update on Marshon Lattimore’s Future

Saints head coach Dennis Allen recently addressed the rumors, offering a reassuring update regarding Lattimore’s status with the team.

“I had a conversation with him probably two or three weeks ago. I thought it was a positive conversation. And so we’re moving forward.”

Lattimore is a crucial component of the Saints’ defense, and losing him would be a significant setback.

During the 2023 season, Lattimore played in only 10 games due to injury. In 2022, he appeared in just seven games. Nonetheless, in those 10 games last year, he recorded 48 total tackles, one interception, and eight passes defended.

While his recent injury history is concerning, Lattimore remains a high-impact player when healthy. At 28 years old, he still has several elite seasons ahead of him.

New Orleans Saints Reveal Update On Marshon Lattimore Rumors

Although the Saints might entertain trading Lattimore if the right offer comes along, especially considering potential long-term financial concerns, many NFL teams would be eager to acquire his talents.

Regardless of Lattimore’s future, the Saints made a strategic move in the 2024 NFL Draft by selecting Kool-Aid McKinstry from Alabama. McKinstry is projected to be an exceptional cornerback, which could mitigate the impact if Lattimore were to leave.

As the offseason progresses, expect more rumors involving the Saints, with Lattimore continuing to be a focal point. For now, it appears New Orleans is not actively seeking to trade him, but the situation remains fluid.


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