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Commanders Enter a New Era with a Manageable 2024 Schedule

The Washington Commanders are gearing up for a fresh start with their newly released 2024 schedule. The season kicks off with an away game in Tampa and concludes with a road game against the Dallas Cowboys.

While the Commanders’ 2024 opponents were known since last season ended, the official schedule revealed the specific challenges ahead. Notably, Washington’s bye week is set for Week 14 for the third consecutive year, and they only have two prime-time games: a Monday night clash with the Bengals in Cincinnati in Week 3 and a Thursday night matchup with the Eagles in Philadelphia in Week 11.

Overall, the rest of the schedule appears more favorable compared to previous seasons, which often featured numerous divisional games, multiple trips to the West Coast, or a series of tough quarterback matchups.

The NFL’s scheduling formula, in place since 2002, ensures that all teams face each other on a rotating basis. This season, the Commanders will compete against all four teams in the AFC North and all four teams in the NFC South. Additionally, they have two intraconference games and one interconference game due to their last-place finish in their division last season.

Among the intraconference matchups is a game against Arizona, while the interconference game pits the Commanders against the Tennessee Titans in Week 13, a team that recently hired Brian Callahan as head coach.

One notable intraconference last-place game to watch is when the Commanders host Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears in Week 8, surprisingly not scheduled for prime time.

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