Breaking News: Head Coach Mike Tomlin Makes Honest Admission As He Confirms Major Setback for the Steelers…

Breaking News: Head Coach Mike Tomlin Shares Worrying Updates, Confirming Major Setback for the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are once again projected to finish last in the AFC North, continuing a recurring narrative that fans have grown accustomed to hearing each offseason.

Every year, it seems the Steelers are pegged as the team destined for a sub-.500 record and a last-place finish in their division. It’s a cyclical prediction that plays out like this:

  1. The Steelers finish above .500.
  2. The offseason arrives.
  3. Analysts predict the Steelers will have a bad year, often placing them below the Browns.
  4. The Steelers prove the analysts wrong and finish above .500.
  5. Repeat the cycle.

This year, ESPN’s Mike Clay has predicted the Steelers will end the season with an 8-9 record, placing them fourth in the division. Clay’s projected AFC North standings are as follows:

  • Baltimore Ravens: 11-6
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 10-7
  • Cleveland Browns: 10-7
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 8-9

Notably, the Steelers haven’t finished last in the AFC North/Central since 1988.

In addition to his predictions for the Steelers, Clay also forecasts a challenging season for Russell Wilson, projecting him to start 13 games, throw for 2,913 yards, 15 touchdowns, and nine interceptions, while being sacked 37 times. For the Steelers, he projects George Pickens will catch 68 passes for 1,040 yards and four touchdowns.

Unsurprisingly, few Steelers fans, if any, agree with Clay’s assessment. Many believe that if the Steelers could win 10 games with last season’s roster, they can at least match that performance with upgrades at quarterback, offensive coordinator, center, left tackle, and an improved defense.

As always, time will tell if the Steelers will once again defy the preseason predictions and prove the doubters wrong.

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