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In a significant move for both Joe Milton III and the New England Patriots, the quarterback has officially signed his rookie contract, marking the commencement of his NFL journey. Milton, a standout performer who led the Volunteers to an impressive 8-4 regular season in 2023, joins the Patriots as their sixth-round pick, bolstering their offensive lineup.

The announcement of Milton’s signing came on Friday afternoon, underlining his commitment to his new team as he participated in rookie minicamp practices.

Financial estimates indicate that Milton’s rookie deal spans four years, boasting a total value of $4,203,317, which includes a guaranteed signing bonus of $183,316.

As Milton begins his tenure with the Patriots, his fellow Tennessee draftees, Jaylen Wright and Kamal Hadden, are still in the process of finalizing their agreements. However, all three players have delved into rookie minicamp activities with enthusiasm, ready to make their mark on their respective new teams.

Donning the No. 19 jersey for New England, Milton steps onto the field with determination, following the footsteps of North Carolina’s Drake Maye, who was selected as the third overall pick by the Patriots.

Head coach Jerod Mayo stresses the significance of collective development, emphasizing fair competition as players refine their skills during minicamp sessions. Milton’s arrival aligns with Tennessee’s recent success in producing consecutive drafted quarterbacks, showcasing the program’s robust talent pipeline.

Coming from Florida, the 6-foot-5, 246-pound Milton brings a wealth of experience from his collegiate career, having previously demonstrated his prowess at Michigan before transferring to Tennessee. His journey to the NFL is a testament to his dedication and hard work on the field.

As Milton and Maye embark on their rookie season together, their camaraderie and shared experiences are expected to bolster the Patriots’ quarterback lineup. With a shared drive for success, these two rookies are poised to leave their mark on the field and contribute to the team’s quest for victory.

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