Breaking News: Saints’ Quarterback Derek Carr Goes Viral As He Responds To criticism From Michael Thomas…

New Orleans Saints quarterback Derek Carr responded to criticism from former teammate Michael Thomas in an interview with Patrick Magee of The Times-Picayune.

Carr emphasized that whenever Thomas made a critical remark, he addressed it directly with him. He stressed his commitment to handling such matters personally, without needing to elaborate further. Carr clarified that despite any public perception suggesting otherwise, he consistently reached out to Thomas to discuss any issues, asserting his approach as that of a man handling things man-to-man.

Thomas had drawn attention for remarks seemingly targeting Carr, notably during the Saints’ loss to the Detroit Lions in December. Additionally, Thomas hinted on social media in January that a knee injury he sustained in November was due to a pass from Carr.

Carr, who joined the Saints in 2023 with a lucrative contract, reflected on his interactions with Thomas, expressing a desire to maintain a positive relationship despite challenges. He highlighted the importance of focusing on team unity and the difficulty of controlling external factors.

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Looking ahead, Carr aims to establish a more comfortable leadership role within the team, especially now that Thomas is no longer part of the organization. Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis hinted at Carr’s increasing comfort in this role during a recent radio appearance.

Despite the criticism, Carr emphasized that mistakes are part of the game for every player, including himself, and reiterated the importance of unity over singling out faults.

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