Breaking News:Head Coach  Brian Kelly Drops Latest Updates on LSU Football’s Defensive Tackle Chase…

Breaking News:Head Coach  Brian Kelly Drops Latest Updates on LSU Football’s Defensive Tackle Chase…

The storyline of the Spring has been the LSU Football team’s search for a defensive tackle as the team is pursuing at least one defensive tackle with the hopes of landing two. Thus far, the LSU Football team has struck out heavily missing out on a majority of the defensive tackles they’ve targeted. Brian Kelly has openly said he’s not in the business of buying players which is in the long run the right approach.

LSU Target defensive tackle CJ West is headed to Indiana as he announced the move via social media. The LSU Tigers offered West early on in the process but, never truly felt in the race as West never came to town for a visit. This deals a blow to LSU as West was the best defensive tackle left in the transfer portal but, LSU will pivot.

The Tigers have seemingly moved to their backup plan by offering Grand Valley State Defensive Tackle Jay’viar Suggs a scholarship. Suggs has visited several big schools including USC, Michigan, Arkansas, Florida State, Wisconsin, and Kentucky who currently make up his top six. An LSU Visit should occur soon and Brian Kelly may have a connection that gets this one done as he coached Grand Valley State from 1991-2003. He had an impressive 2023 season with five sacks, 21 tackles, and four pass breakups.

The LSU Football team continues to pursuit ULM transfer Adin Huntington via the transfer portal. There’s no news on a visit to Baton Rouge but, Huntington may be the best chance LSU has at landing an impactful player if he chooses to stay in Louisiana.

This group just needs bodies at this point
The LSU Football team originally hoped to land some instant starters at the position and began pursuing the transfer portal’s top players. When Brian Kelly announced that LSU wasn’t interested in buying players the lack of transfer portal success made sense as it’s been reported that these players have gotten massive deals. The LSU Football team at this point should pursuit adding bodies with the hope that Bo Davis can develop them before the start of the season.

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