Breaking News: San Francisco 49ers’ GM Finally Breaks Silence As He Revealed Colossal Asking Price on the 26-y/o WR 269 passes for 3,931 yards with 25 touchdowns…

Recent reports have shed light on the San Francisco 49ers’ stance regarding wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk amidst persistent trade speculations. The NFC champions seem to be eyeing a significant return akin to what was secured in a notable trade involving another top-tier wideout.

Throughout the offseason, Aiyuk’s name has frequently surfaced in trade talks, alongside his fellow receiver Deebo Samuel. Despite the buzz, both players continue to call the Bay Area home, likely owing to the substantial asking price set by the 49ers.

According to insights from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, the 49ers have set a high bar in negotiations for Aiyuk’s services. Their asking price seems to mirror the blockbuster deal orchestrated by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2022 NFL Draft, which saw them acquire All-Pro receiver A.J. Brown from the Tennessee Titans.

Fowler elaborated on the situation, stating, “Multiple teams expressed interest in Brandon Aiyuk, but they were under the impression that the 49ers were seeking a first-round pick for him, drawing parallels to the A.J. Brown trade. The Eagles, in that instance, surrendered the 18th pick and subsequently awarded Brown a lucrative four-year, $100 million contract. Acquiring Aiyuk would likely necessitate a similar investment along with a premium draft pick.”

Brandon Aiyuk San Francisco 49ers Pittsburgh Steelers

Aiyuk’s on-field performance further bolsters the 49ers’ bargaining position. With impressive stats of 269 receptions, 3,931 yards, and 25 touchdowns over four seasons, he has proven himself as a dynamic asset in San Francisco’s offense, boasting an impressive average of 14.6 yards per catch.

As speculation swirls, it remains uncertain whether the 49ers are genuinely inclined to part ways with Aiyuk, particularly if their lofty demands aren’t met, particularly regarding a first-round draft pick.

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