Breaking News: Malik Nabers And  Jayden Daniels Go Viral On Social Media Over $10,000 bet Incident…


Malik Nabers and Jayden Daniels Spark Social Media Frenzy with $10,000 Bet Incident!

Former LSU teammates Malik Nabers and Jayden Daniels have ignited a social media storm with their friendly wager over who will clinch the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year title.

Nabers, now a wide receiver for the New York Giants after being drafted No. 6, and Daniels, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback selected at No. 2 by the Washington Commanders, have reportedly placed a $10,000 bet on the outcome.

When questioned about the bet on ‘All Facts No Brakes with Keyshawn Johnson,’ Daniels initially played coy, jokingly remarking, “Man, he [Nabers] wasn’t supposed to tell nobody. We got a little something going on.” However, he eventually confirmed the wager’s $10,000 value.

Emphasizing that the bet is merely a friendly competition between friends, Daniels clarified that it’s all in good fun and devoid of any questionable motives. Nevertheless, there’s speculation about how the NFL might perceive such a wager.

According to OddsChecker, Daniels ranks second behind Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Williams in the Rookie of the Year race. Daniels stands at +600 odds, while Williams, the first overall pick, leads at +170. Nabers, on the other hand, is listed as the fifth choice with odds of +1400.

When asked to draw comparisons between Nabers and NFL receivers, Daniels likened Nabers’ playing style to that of Ja’Marr Chase, emphasizing their shared explosiveness on the field.

The bet between Nabers and Daniels has set social media abuzz, adding an intriguing twist to the anticipation surrounding their NFL rookie seasons.

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