” They’re hacking”:  Nuggets Top-Star Aaron Gordon Goes Viral As He Slams At Poor officiating after Nuggets game 2 blowout loss…

Nuggets Star Aaron Gordon Voices Frustration Over Officiating After Blowout Loss in Game 2

The Denver Nuggets’ tumultuous season has been marked by clashes with NBA referees, and frustrations boiled over following a particularly disappointing defeat that may seal the team’s fate.

In Monday’s Game 2 blowout loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, emotions ran high as coach Michael Malone, Jamal Murray, and Aaron Gordon expressed their discontent with officiating. While some calls undoubtedly raised eyebrows, the game remained tightly contested until Malone’s outburst, which coincided with a decisive run by the Timberwolves, ultimately leading to the blowout.

Malone’s grievances centered on a contentious call involving Murray, whom he believed was charged unfairly against Karl-Anthony Towns. However, this incident is just one in a series of frustrations for Malone, particularly regarding the treatment of Nikola Jokic by officials. Malone and Jokic were ejected from a November game in Detroit for disputing calls, and Jokic faced expulsion again in a game against Chicago for using foul language, highlighting ongoing tensions between the team and referees.

These incidents highlight broader concerns within the Nuggets organization regarding Jokic’s lack of free-throw opportunities despite his aggressive style of play. Despite ranking third in two-point field goals attempted, Jokic averaged only 5.5 free throws per game, significantly fewer than other top players in the league. Gordon echoed these sentiments, emphasizing Jokic’s frequent fouls and the team’s frustration with the lack of calls in his favor.

The Nuggets’ dissatisfaction extends beyond individual calls, with Gordon expressing frustration over communication issues with officials and a perceived lack of acknowledgment. Despite shooting more free throws in both losses against the Wolves, the Nuggets have struggled to find their rhythm, with Jokic appearing less effective than usual, likely compounded by Murray’s injury.

Looking beyond the postseason, the Nuggets’ grievances with officiating have been a longstanding issue, with past incidents and questionable calls further fueling frustrations. While the team remains focused on regaining momentum and addressing internal challenges, the ongoing battle with officials adds another layer of complexity to their postseason aspirations.

In the face of adversity, the Nuggets are grappling with a myriad of frustrations, both on and off the court, as they seek to overcome obstacles and reclaim their competitive edge.

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