Breaking News: DJ Steward Drops a Pathetic Post as he Makes Honest Admission Amid His Decision to…

Breaking News: DJ Steward Opens Up About Decision Amid Duke Basketball Departure!

DJ Steward’s decision to leave Duke basketball after just one season may not have been his wisest move, but he’s owning up to it with humility.

As a highly touted five-star prospect from Chicago, Steward had a promising freshman year at Duke during the 2020-21 season. Despite the team’s modest overall record of 13-11 and missing out on the NCAA Tournament, Steward impressed, averaging 13.0 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.1 steals per game while starting regularly for the Blue Devils.

However, many believed the 6-foot-2, 165-pound guard could benefit from further development in college before pursuing an NBA career.

Nevertheless, Steward opted to declare for the NBA Draft after just one year, ultimately going undrafted. Fast forward three years, and he’s yet to make his NBA debut, although he’s had stints with various teams and shown promise in the G League.

Now, Steward, known for his upbeat attitude and embraced by the Duke basketball community despite his short tenure coinciding with a season without the Cameron Crazies in attendance, is displaying humility as he reflects on his time with the Blue Devils.

In a teaser for a documentary shared on Instagram over the weekend, the 22-year-old acknowledges that while he’s come to terms with his decision and grown from the experience, his post-college journey hasn’t unfolded as smoothly as he had hoped back in 2021.

Steward’s candid remarks in the clip illustrate his introspection:

“Coming from Chicago to Duke University as a highly recruited player across the country, I didn’t fully grasp the magnitude of that at the time. I didn’t understand how it would shape my career. It’s not to say my work ethic wavered; it was more about perhaps overestimating my abilities and lacking humility, not fully knowing my place as a person and a player.

“It’s taken me some years to realize that maybe leaving school early was a tough decision. I’ve accepted that. The first step was acknowledging it and moving forward with my life.”

Steward’s openness about his journey serves as a reminder of the complexities young athletes face in navigating their careers and the importance of self-awareness and humility along the way.

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