Breaking News: General Manager Breaks Silence as He Addressed Jayden Daniels’ Trade Decision…

In the aftermath of the NFL draft, the Washington Commanders’ decision to draft LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels with the No. 2 overall pick has been a topic of much discussion and speculation. Many anticipated different choices, such as Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy or UNC’s Drake Maye, but first-year GM Adam Peters ultimately stood by Daniels as his top pick.

John Keim of provided insights into the Commanders’ evaluation process, revealing that Peters held McCarthy in high regard for his skills but ultimately favored Daniels for his exceptional abilities on the field. Peters, who joined Washington from the San Francisco 49ers, was thoroughly impressed by Daniels’ talent, particularly his ability to read the game and deliver precise passes, as well as his remarkable athleticism.

Peters expressed his admiration for Daniels’ dedication and character, citing instances where Daniels went above and beyond to improve his game, such as arranging early morning workouts with teammates and changing facility passcodes to access additional practice time. The GM’s confidence in Daniels remained steadfast throughout the pre-draft process, despite receiving only one trade offer for the No. 2 pick, which he deemed insufficient.

Saints pick LSU star quarterback Jayden Daniels in 2024 mock draft

While Daniels’ status as the starting quarterback for the upcoming season is not yet confirmed, Peters is optimistic about his potential impact on the team. With the option of Marcus Mariota as a seasoned backup, Daniels has the opportunity to transition into the role gradually, ensuring a smooth integration into the Commanders’ lineup.

Overall, Peters is thrilled with the outcome of the draft and believes Daniels’ arrival marks a significant moment for the Commanders’ future success.

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