Rangers Injury Updates: Lone Stars’ Manager Bruce Bochy Provides ‘Worrying’ Fittness Updates After a Fascinating a 6-0 victory over Washington…

Following an exhilarating 6-0 triumph over the Washington Nationals, Lone Stars’ Manager Bruce Bochy provided updates on the fitness of key players, casting a shadow of concern over the team’s recent success.

Nathan Eovaldi showcased an impressive performance, pitching for 5 1/3 innings without conceding any runs. However, his stellar display was cut short due to tightness in his groin, prompting an early exit from the game. Despite Eovaldi’s setback, Ezequiel Duran’s pivotal double with two outs, coupled with subsequent hits that brought in runs during the second inning, propelled the Texas Rangers to victory.

Maintaining a record of 2-2, Eovaldi effectively contained the Nationals, limiting them to only two hits and two walks while delivering 92 pitches. Notably, he achieved a season-high of eight strikeouts, marking his first win since April 3 and his maiden victory in four home starts this year.

The pitching trio of Jacob Latz, David Robertson, and Jonathan Hernández sealed the deal, conceding just four hits to the Nationals, securing a shutout victory for Texas, their second of the season.

The Rangers, boasting a 17-15 record, clinched their second consecutive series win, a feat previously elusive since the season’s outset.

On the opposing side, the Nationals, with a record of 15-16, squandered an opportunity to surpass a .500 winning percentage for the first time since July 1, 2021. Despite their impressive scoring spree of 33 runs in a previous series against Miami, they struggled to find their footing against Texas, managing a mere two runs across three games.

Eovaldi’s injury woes surfaced during the sixth inning while delivering a fastball, prompting concerns over his condition. An MRI scheduled for Friday will provide clarity regarding the extent of his injury, adding a layer of uncertainty to the Lone Stars’ roster.

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