Breaking News: Steelers Have Officially Made A Big Decision On Justin Fields’ Contract…


Steelers Opt Against Fifth-Year Option for Justin Fields Amidst Offseason Shake-up!

In a significant move reshaping their roster dynamics, the Pittsburgh Steelers have acquired former first-round quarterback Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears.

Amidst this transaction, the Steelers have swiftly addressed Fields’ contract situation, opting not to exercise his fifth-year option, as confirmed by insider Ari Meirov. This option would have commanded a hefty $25.6 million.

This decision comes as no surprise given Fields’ projected role as backup to Russell Wilson for the upcoming season. With his current valuation far exceeding his anticipated role, the Steelers have opted for a more cautious financial approach.

Should Fields demonstrate his value as a capable backup, his youth at just 25 years old leaves open the possibility of renegotiating his contract post-season.

Simultaneously, the Steelers have also declined the fifth-year option for running back Najee Harris, adding another layer of intrigue to their offseason maneuvers.

Harris, a Pro Bowl-caliber running back, has consistently delivered stellar performances since entering the league as a first-round pick in 2021. His impressive track record includes three consecutive seasons of rushing for over 1,000 yards and amassing at least 1,200 scrimmage yards annually.

Additionally, Harris has showcased his versatility with 144 career receptions, highlighting his prowess as a dual-threat player. Last season, both Harris and teammate Jaylen Warren surpassed 1,100 scrimmage yards each, underlining their significance to the Steelers’ offensive strategy.

By opting out of Harris’ fifth-year option, the Steelers stand to save approximately $7 million in cap space. This strategic move might also reflect concerns about committing substantial resources to a running back entering his late twenties, despite Harris’s remarkable durability, having not missed a single game throughout his career.

However, should Harris deliver a standout performance in the upcoming 2024 season, the Steelers could be inclined to negotiate a new deal to retain his services and avoid the risk of losing him to free agency.


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