Breaking News: Bulldogs Kirby Smart Goes Viral Over Florida State’s College Football Playoff Disaster… 

Bulldogs and Kirby Smart Takes Center Stage Amid Florida State’s College Football Playoff Fallout!

Georgia Bulldogs’ head coach Kirby Smart finds himself in the spotlight following pointed remarks from former Florida State star Keon Coleman, who laid blame on Georgia for the Seminoles’ postseason woes.

Coleman attributed Florida State’s exclusion from the College Football Playoff last season to Georgia’s loss in the SEC Championship Game to Alabama, which led to what he termed a “meaningless” Orange Bowl appearance for the Seminoles. Despite being an undefeated conference champion, Florida State found themselves left out of the final four, marking the first time a Power conference champion with an unblemished record was snubbed in the playoff era. The subsequent 60-point loss to Georgia in the Orange Bowl further exacerbated Florida State’s disappointment.

During an appearance on RG III’s podcast, Coleman deflected questions about Florida State’s perceived lack of toughness and instead directed scrutiny towards Georgia’s toughness, particularly in light of their defeat to Alabama.

Coleman highlighted the significance of NFL draft selections as a measure of team quality, insinuating that Georgia’s loss prevented a potential showdown with Florida State in a more meaningful bowl game. He criticized Georgia’s failure to secure victory against Alabama, suggesting it reflected poorly on their toughness.

The Orange Bowl clash was marred by numerous opt-outs for Florida State, including key defensive starters who withdrew just before kickoff. Despite the depleted roster, Florida State head coach Mike Norvell expressed gratitude for the players who made tough decisions and contributed throughout the season.

Coleman speculated that Georgia’s victory over Alabama would have paved the way for Florida State’s inclusion in the playoff, discounting Texas’ chances of being selected.

Smart weighed in on the state of college football’s bowl system, acknowledging the impact of opt-outs and transfers on bowl games’ integrity. He lamented the unfairness of Florida State having to play without a full roster, emphasizing the need for clarity and reform in college football’s postseason structure.

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