‘You can’t say anything’: WNBA vet says Caitlin Clark fans are ‘really sensitive’ after backlash over critical comments…

Taurasi, boasting three WNBA championships and nearly two decades of league experience, had cautioned Clark prior to the WNBA draft, emphasizing the stark contrast between collegiate and professional competition.

“The reality check is imminent,” Taurasi cautioned on April 6, 2024. “You may appear unstoppable against 18-year-olds, but the game changes drastically when facing seasoned professionals.”

Her comments, though straightforward, merely underscored the typical adjustment period for rookies transitioning into professional sports.

However, some fans of Clark took offense to Taurasi’s observations:

“Translation: I’m somewhat irked that I’ve been at this for decades in half-empty arenas while you’re already selling out games pre-WNBA,” remarked one fan.

“She’s already intimidated,” echoed another.

While Taurasi responded to the backlash weeks later, labeling her critics as overly sensitive and reiterating the accuracy of her statements.

“These new fans are exceedingly sensitive; it seems you can’t express anything nowadays,” Taurasi asserted. “It’s akin to the transition from kindergarten to first grade or high school to college — an adjustment period. I haven’t said anything that isn’t grounded in truth.”

Simultaneously, Taurasi balanced her critique with praise for Clark’s potential, acknowledging her track record of excellence across various levels of play.

“Her excellence will undoubtedly carry over; she’s demonstrated that at every level,” Taurasi acknowledged.

The upcoming clash between Taurasi’s Phoenix Mercury, featuring the enigmatic Brittney Griner, and Clark’s Indiana Fever is eagerly anticipated, set for June 30, 2024, as the WNBA season commences on May 14, 2024.

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