Breaking News: Texas’ Coach Steve Sarkisian Breaks Silence About Texas Longhorns Secondary Concerns…

Texas Longhorns head coach Steve Sarkisian recently addressed concerns surrounding the team’s secondary as they prepare for the 2024 season. With notable departures, including top cornerback Ryan Watts to the NFL, and key members of last year’s unit, such as Terrance Brooks, Jerrin Thompson, Jalen Catalon, BJ Allen, Kitan Crawford, Austin Jordan, and Xavion Brice, the Longhorns face challenges in terms of experience in the defensive backfield.

Despite these losses, Sarkisian remains optimistic about the team’s prospects. Speaking at the Houston Touchdown Club, he reassured fans, stating, “We’re going to be just fine in the secondary,” emphasizing the depth and versatility within the roster.

Returning players like boundary cornerback Malik Muhammad and veteran Gavin Holmes offer stability, while defensive standouts Jahdae Barron and Jaylon Guilbeau add further depth and flexibility, capable of playing multiple positions in the secondary.

Sarkisian highlighted the talent and versatility of the defensive backfield, noting, “Our defensive backfield is probably the most versatile as we’ve had in my time here and probably the most talented defensive backfield that we’ve had in our time here.”

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Despite the depth, Sarkisian emphasized the importance of deliberate roster additions, aiming to enhance the team’s culture without taking unnecessary risks. He expressed confidence in the team’s approach, stating, “We’re not hung up on what position a guy may play, it’s do we think they can help us on the football field and enhance our culture.”

As the Longhorns gear up for the upcoming season, Sarkisian’s measured approach and belief in the team’s capabilities offer reassurance amidst concerns about the secondary.


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